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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh boy....

I really HAVE been busy. Actually, I've been posting ALL of my stuff over on my WordPress blog since about August of 2008. If you'd like to see what I've been up to over there, you can go check it out:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

What I've been up to.

I HAVE been a busy busy lady. I've been keeping up with my home blog (I think I'll start calling it that), and I have posted a few pictures of my recent crochet projects. Yeah, yeah, I know I should be doing that here, but at least I'm posting, right? I've been in something of a personal slump, but I have completed several projects. My dad's Christmas scarf just needs the ends woven in, the roses for my mom's dialysis unit nurses are COMPLETE and DELIVERED. I made mom the hat she requested---not realizing/knowing that she didn't want it until she goes home home (yeah, there's still hope for that!). I'm working diligently on the wrap for D, I've got to finish Rosa's afghan, which will be my main project for this weekend, I have a house to prepare for Christmas Day and having my sister and her husband plus my dad over (I've made a dent by I still have a bit of a ways to go), and I've started our friend's afghan. She requested we stay with our original arrangement, like we had for this first afghan of this kind, the ponchos for her husband and her bouquet, but I've decided it's going to be their Christmas present. In the New Year I'm going to be able to get to MY projects. I have another skein of the kinda of yarn I'm using for D's wrap, so maybe that will end up being one of my sister's Christmas presents, besides a candle.

So, some pretty pictures for your crocheting enjoyment:

An OLD crochet project, finally pictured for Christmas:

The finished roses:

In a jumble:

Just one:

According to mom, the roses WERE A HIT. So that's a great thing :-) Everyone was impressed that I made them, they thought mom had at first. :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Don't worry... (again)....

I'm still around! I've been busy working on a lot of things. Dad's scarf just needs to have the tails woven in, I'm nearly done with the 25 roses mom requested for the dialysis unit (I'll have to do the green parts and assemble them next, but I'm just talking about the roses themselves here), I'm working on D's wrap that she requested, I've got to make a hat and hopefully (if I have any left when I'm done with the hat) a scarf for mom, I'm going to get yarn tomorrow to start the afghan my friend Cindy requested (don't tell her, it's going to be her gift even though she asked I make it with our previous arrangement, where she pays me for it), I've got to make the bracelets for mom, Bo and I, and I'm probably 3/4 of the way done with Rosa's afghan. That's going to be NICE AND WARM!!!!! It's looking amazing! I'm also going to make her a pillow :-) , using the same pattern of stitches. I've got to post more pictures of things.

I've given in and joined Technorati. If you like my blog---add me to your list! :-D

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Don't worry...

DUDE! I'm still around! :-) I've been busy with all sorts of things.

Actually, if you have checked in recently, and if you take a good look around, I've been playing around with this page a lot :-) I want to get a plugboard in here too like I've got over on my main blog, but I don't know if I can get another one or not.

Currently I'm working on:

Mom's roses for the people at dialysis (10 with the middle and leaves made, 3 of those put together, 15 more to make the components of, materials I don't have need to be bought too)
Dad's scarf (waiting until I'm done with the roses)
Rosa's afghan (waiting until I'm done with the other two. It really won't take long to finish them.)

On deck:

Sweaters to donate for church
Cindy's afghan (gotta get the yarn for this)
D's Christmas shawl (got the yarn, just got to pick a pattern)

I've finished one installment of the sweaters for church. Here they are:

There are 2 crocheted ones which you probably can't see, plus the 2 knitted ones which are the pink one and the white one. Don't they look nice though? I'm going to use the same color yarn I used for the crocheted ones because I have a HUGE ball of it. I'll probably start that after Christmas.

I don't think I'm going to do snowflakes this year. I've got so many other things. If I get a chance I will though.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Small Crafting Confession

I have a small craft confession to make. In an effort to (1) make knitting not just a meer comment in my list of hobbies because I happen to know how, and (2) use the pattern I feel looks and feels the best, I have been KNITTING a sweater. I actually chose the knitted pattern provided to donate kid's sweaters at church rather than the crocheted one because the crocheted one is too clunky! I'm nearly done with the second portion, and then I will continue on with the yarn I used for the crocheted one.....don't worry, I'm not taking the crochted ones apart, I'm just using the same color. I've got a LOT of it....a very large ball. Then I will go on to other projects. All of THOSE will be crocheted. I think, except for a few select objects, I will be using knitting for worn items.

Rosa's afghan is progressing nicely. After my fit of sorting through all of my yarn---which, of course, wasn't as hard as it sounds---I found quite a bit of varigeted and ombres. So it's growing. Not that I didn't actually have quite a bit to start with. Soon the problem of what I'll do with all of the left over bits will present itself. I'm thinking I will actually use just as much as I can in the afghan, pairing up colors with other ones row to row and even in the same row. We'll see. Either way I know it's going to be wonderful, it's already looking great! :-)

Soon we will be getting a new tower, with a nice and fast processor that we can use our hard drive with Windows XP on it! :-D I will be posting pictures then!!! :-D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Updating on my progress

I've completed several projects that have been in the works lately. The baby ripples are done, as well as Sam's afghan. The main project I'm working on right now is Rosa's afghan. I'm getting pretty far with it, as it's the only project I can think to work on at the moment. I've got other yarn, but few other projects that I've thought of to work it into. Odd, huh? Well, I will have a project from my mom soon---22 corsages for the nurses at dialysis. And I found/dugout a project that I was working on last winter (the infamous "shrug" long sweater, which is now getting big! LOL!!! How AWESOME is that?), so I'm thinking some of the yarn I dugout with it today might just end up going for that.

While looking at a fellow No-End-Ripple poster's blog, I had a fun inspiration to write about. The blog's name is Fiber P*rn, and in her url it's pron instead. Well, the first thing I thought about was Tron, thanks to the hubby. What a cool idea it would be to do a FiberTron, where the characters are hooks or something in a crocheting machine (I've always wondered how stores like WalMart get their crocheted items, because I can't imagine someone selling off their wares knowing it would go to a store like that---so I've always imagined a machine must do it, and thus this idea had some of it's origins in that---I mean, there's knitting machines out there, right? So maybe it would be a knitting machine). They still have the whole bit mindset that users are just like gods (you have seen Tron, so you can follow along, right?), and they have to start somewhere---like the tournaments with each other to move from basic programs to specialized or whatever is where the needles move from being cast-on needles to specialized piece making ones, or circular type needles or something (this is in it's formative stage, and I'm tired, and just throwing out ideas here, so bear with me!)....

But it's a fun thing to bat around...:-) Nice to feel the juices flowing!

Anyhow, I wish I could post pictures of the recent completed projects, but right now the camera is MIA so no pictures :-

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back somewhat

I'm back, somewhat. We're using a much slower computer than what I'm used to, but at least I can see my email and my blogs.

I'm also now a part of the Ripple Along blog, whose button is featured at the right :-)